Creighton Investment Banking Society

Creighton Investment Banking Society

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We are a group of dedicated, tenacious, and hardworking Creighton students aspiring to a career in investment banking or a similar financial services profession. By hosting programs for our members that promote financial expertise, teach networking skills to use with industry professionals, and facilitate overall professional development, we enable students to engage with the financial services industry in an environment conducive to learning and growth.

As a member of the Creighton Investment Banking Society, you will make lasting connections with fellow students and industry professionals, develop valuable financial and professional skills, and be ready for a career in the capital markets. The path to a successful career in investment banking starts with the Creighton Investment Banking Society.

Executive Board:

Executive Sponsor:

  • Mark Kelehan – 10 years IB experience at J.P. Morgan & Wolfe Research Securities

Associated Organizations: Financial Management Association, Alpha Kappa Psi