Dean’s Honor Roll for Social Responsibility


Heider College of Business Dean

The Heider College of Business believes that business should be a positive force in society – which is why our education is rooted in the Jesuit tradition.  The Dean’s  Honor Roll for Social Responsibility honors undergraduate and graduate students who take the initiative to put their community first.

Who is eligible

Undergraduate students in the Heider College of Business who have performed 25 hours and graduate students who have performed 15 hours of confirmed community service by the last day of class in a semester and have actively participated in a Reflection Session.


Students will be placed on the Dean’s Honor Roll for Social Responsibility for the semester that the community service is confirmed. Honor Roll designation appears on the students’ transcripts and Certificates of Achievement are mailed to the students’ home addresses. Students will be eligible to achieve the following levels of distinction:

Bronze Level: 15-24 Hours (Graduate Students Only)
Silver Level: 25-49 Hours
Gold Level: 50-74 Hours
Platinum Level: 75+ Hours

Active participation in a Reflection Session is also required in order to be recognized on the Dean’s Honor Roll for Social Responsibility.

Community Service Defined

Community Service is defined as volunteer service for a non-profit organization or an organized community activity. Service performed through class activities, university-sponsored service trips, sororities and fraternities count as community service. Any service done for punishment does not count as community service. Confirmation forms should be submitted within one week of service through our Blueline course. All confirmation forms must be submitted by the last day of classes for the semester.

Reflection Sessions

We have a partnership with the Schlegel Center for Service and Justice (SCSJ) to offer end of the semester Reflection Sessions. Ongoing personal reflection throughout the course of your service is important and highly encouraged. At the end of the semester you will join with other Business students for a 90 minute reflection session and social analysis. Full participation during the event and completing a survey at the end are required.

Reflection Sessions will be offered on specific dates—you only need to participate in one complete session. For more information, please contact Ms. Pamela Vaughan at pamelavaughan [at] creighton [dot] edu.