Leadership & Career Development


Heider College of Business Leadership & Career Development

At  the Heider College of Business we believe strong leaders are destined for success. We offer a variety of opportunities so you can explore and develop your leadership potential.

Grow as a leader, travel the world and begin your path to success through our leadership programs:

Anna Tyler Waite Leadership Program – A four-year program that exposes you to leadership principles and gives you opportunities to put what you learn into action.

Creighton Business Symposium—Connect with global business executives through the nation’s largest student-led business symposium, organized by Anna Tyler Waite students.

Career Portfolio Program— This four year career development program will be your roadmap to success.

Dean’s Honor Roll for Social Responsibility—Recognizes and honors students for their dedication to the principles of ethical living, service to others, the search for truth and a passion for justice in their role as a socially responsible business leader. 

Heider Fellows Program—An honors program for selected student leaders that provides unique experiences based on their interests in the areas of leadership or research.