Portfolio Practicum


Portfolio Practicum Classroom

In the Portfolio Practicum course, Heider College of Business seniors have the opportunity to invest more than $8 million of Creighton University endowment funds. Student managers are responsible for managing the Creighton University Student Portfolio (CUSP Fund), and are held to the same level of accountability as outside managers by the University Investment Committee.

Students use our state-of-the-art Heider Securities Investment and Analysis Center. Modeled after the New York Stock Exchange, it features:

  • 10 Bloomberg terminals
  • 42-foot premium LED ticker display
  • Three 110-inch, fully interactive video walls
  • 6-zone world clock
Take a Virtual Tour of the Investment Center Launch Securities Investment & Analysis Center

Students apply for the two-semester Portfolio Practicum, in the spring semester. The course addresses the following topics:

  • Equity research and valuation techniques
  • Performance evaluation of the CUSP Fund holdings
  • Portfolio construction and management
  • Presentation of investment recommendations and strategies
  • The discussion of current investment management techniques, strategies, and issues

After completing the two-semester course, students interview the next practicum applicants and pass the portfolio to them.

View the 2019-20 Portfolio Practicum Report here:

Application for Portfolio Practicum

To apply for the FIN 435 Portfolio Practicum course, please submit the following by Friday, March 12, 2021, to Angie Wayman, Administrative Assistant, in the Heider College of Business Dean’s Suite on the 3rd Floor of the Harper Center (3060):

  1. A one-page personal resume that includes your grade point average, work experience, investment experience and whatever other experiences you feel qualify you for this class. You may break your grade point down into areas, such as cumulative, in Finance, in the Heider College of Business or the last year. Feel free to add any insights about your grade point average.
  2. A one-page paper detailing the reasons you want to take the course.
  3. Print out and complete this cover letter, providing your name, phone number, email address and the semester you took FIN 325. You will need to have the cover letter signed by a Heider College of Business faculty member from whom you have taken a class.  

Application Evaluations
- A finance professor and several members of the current portfolio class will interview you prior to your acceptance into the course. 
- You will need to select an interview time. Applicants will be notified how to do this.
- You will be notified via e-mail with details regarding the interview.

Prior to the start of registration for the Fall semester, you will be notified by e-mail regarding your application for the class. If accepted, you will be granted an override that will allow you to register for the class. 

Additional Information
The Portfolio Practicum is a two-class sequence.  When you apply for FIN 435 you are committing to taking FIN 436 during the Spring semester as well.  The course requires considerable outside work so only students who have adequate time to commit to the course should consider applying. If you have any questions about the application process or the Portfolio Practicum course, please feel free to contact Dr. Randy Jorgensen in Harper 3016D or by email at randyjorgensen@creighton.edu.