Making Changes

Make changes to your schedule

Did you get the courses you wanted? Great! Sit back and enjoy the rest of your summer.

What if you didn’t get the courses wanted? Registration continues through the remainder of the summer, and into the first week of classes. You can make class registration changes in the NEST up until September 2. Your registration pin is good for 24 hours after it is first active. Registration will then reopen for all students on Monday, June 27.

After June 27, you may visit the NEST to see if your desired course has opened up. If so, add that course to your schedule. You can only register for a maximum of 18 hours, although most students will take 15-17 hours the first semester. Caution: If you drop an existing course from your schedule, and decide you want to add it again, you will not be able to do so if the course is closed.

Please contact your RSP Advisor if you have any additional questions.