First Semester Courses

First Semester Courses

In addition to RSP 103 (and any other pre-registered courses), all Heider College of Business freshmen are required to complete courses in the Magis Common Core for their first semester.

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Strongly Preferred Courses
Preferred Courses
Optional Courses

Strongly Preferred Courses for First Semester

You must take two mathematics courses, which should be completed in your first year:

  1. Choose one of the following: Applied Calculus (MTH 141), Traditional Calculus (MTH 245) or Calculus for the Biological Sciences (MTH 231 - pre-health sciences students, only)
- Notes: If you’ve just finished pre-calculus or high school calculus, it might be a good idea to take MTH 141 or 245 while it is fresh in your mind. Most Heider students take MTH 141 Applied Calculus with applications for business. MTH 245 is a more theoretical calculus for students interested in economics, mathematics, energy technology, or for those students who intend to complete a PhD degree in the fields of economics or finance. You must have a 26 ACT or 590 SAT Math score to take MTH 245 Calculus. MTH 231 is recommended for business/pre-health sciences students pursuing medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, OT, PT or other healthcare professional schools. You should have a 24 ACT or 560 SAT to take MTH 231.
  2. Applied Mathematics (MTH 201)
    Register for MTH 201 if you would like to avoid calculus for a semester, you will be transferring in calculus credit, or if you think you will receive AP Credit. You may also choose to fulfill your MTH 201 requirement by passing the waiver exam. If you choose to take the waiver exam, you should register for MTH 141 in the fall (or the appropriate calculus class based on your curriculum path).  

You will have several opportunities to take the MTH 201 waiver exam: 

  1.  Take the MTH 201 waiver exam Tuesday, August 21. To register for the MTH 201 waiver exam on Tuesday August 21 at 1:30 p.m., in the Harper Center, Room 3040, send an email to Angie Wayman at AngieWayman [at] creighton [dot] edu.
  2. Take the MTH 201 waiver exam Tuesday, November 6. To register for the MTH 201 waiver exam on Tuesday, November, 6, send an email to Angie Wayman at AngieWayman [at] creighton [dot] edu.

If you do not pass the MTH 201 waiver exam, there is no penalty. You will take the class in spring 2019 if you do not pass the waiver exam.

Important Information re: MTH 201 waiver exam:
•    Go here for chapter reviews and a sample final exam for MTH 201.
•    You need 80% to pass the waiver exam. The exam consists of 75 multiple choice questions.
•    You can take this exam only once.
•    If you pass the waiver exam, then you will fulfill the MTH 201 requirement.
•    If you pass the waiver exam, you will not earn credit for the course, but the requirement will be fulfilled / waived.
•    If you take MTH 201, you cannot take the waiver exam.
•    You can use only a scientific calculator. Graphing calculators are not allowed. 

Philosophy or Theology
You should plan to take either Philosophical Ideas (PHL 11X) or The Christian Tradition (THL 11X) in your first semester.
Do not take both courses in the same semester.

Preferred Courses for First Semester

Critical Issues
Critical Issues in Human Inquiry (XXX 17X – 3 credits) has a “co-requisite”- meaning, you will register for this course and the corresponding Communicating Critical Issues (COM 101 – 1 credit).  When you choose a Critical Issues in Human Inquiry section, you will find the corresponding co-requisite Communicating Critical Issues course listed under “notes” in the course description. Together the two courses will be 4 credits. When you are in the registration add / drop site, you will need to enter both CRNs together (matching co-requisites) in the “add” boxes.  You will not be able to check the box next to each class individually on the search page. Both the lecture and the lab must be entered together / registered for together, by entering both CRN’s in the “add” boxes on the registration page.

HCB Registration

HCB Registration

You may register for your first business course, Introductory Microeconomics (ECO 203), for the fall semester. This is the only business course you may take in your first semester in the Heider College of Business. 

Optional Courses

Understanding Natural Science
The Understanding Natural Science component helps students to understand the nature of science, the strengths and limitations of the scientific approach, the differences between science and other ways of understanding the world, the key role of science in technological developments and vice versa, and the mutual influence of science and society on each other.

Note: Unless you are a pre-health science Heider student, we do not recommend CHM111, CHM 203/204 and BIO 201/205.

Heider College of Business Registration

Understanding a Social Science
The Understanding Social Science component introduces students to social science through courses that begin with an overview of what it means to “understand social science” as the study of society and human nature using theories and quantitative or qualitative analysis of data, and then present in detail fundamental concepts and theories from at least one social scientific discipline. You may choose from any of the Magis Common Core: II Undrst SS. However, Introductory Psychology 201 (requirement for HCB students) also fulfills this Magis Common Core requirement. You will only receive 3 credit hours, but it will fulfill both requirements with one course – PSY 201.

Heider College of Business Registration

Contemporary Composition (ENG 15_)
This component introduces students to the essentials of academic writing. While themes around specific topics, all course will present the theory and practice of rhetoric and composition, teaching students how to construct well-organized and well-supported arguments. 

You may choose any course in the areas of art, art history, dance, music or theatre. To find these courses, search for any class with a subject prefix of ART, ARH, DAN, MUS or THR. Critical Issues ARH Art History sections will not fulfill the Humanities requirement.

Heider College of Business Registration

Global Perspectives
Foreign language is not required in the Heider College of Business, unless you plan to major in International Business. Language may be used to fulfill the Modern Language/International Culture component of the curriculum. If you studied a foreign language in high school and enjoyed it, it’s a good idea to continue it right away.

International Business majors are the only Heider students that must take two language courses, XXX 112 and 225 at minimum. If you’re thinking about a minor in a language, or a major in International Business, you should take a language in your first semester. Overall, no matter what you think your major will be, and if you like language, this is a good course to consider.

Placement Exam

If you would like to continue to study Spanish, German or French, you are required to take the Placement Exam. This way, you can demonstrate your competence, and register for the appropriate class. It takes about 30 minutes and students are only allowed to take the exam once. After a student takes the Placement Exam, the student and the Dean’s office will be notified of the placement recommendation via their Creighton email account. There is not an option to view the results on the test site, so students should not attempt to log back in to see their results. 

Note: Exam results can take 2-3 days to be processed, so you should take this into account while deciding when to take the exam. Students will be notified of their placement via their email account. 

NOTE: We strongly recommend taking the online Placement Exam now, or at least three days before your registration date. This way, you will have the results back in time to register for the correct language class / level.  However, if you plan to attend Summer Preview, you may register to take the Placement Exam at Summer Preview. Go here to register. If you do not want to take a language in your first semester, do not take the Language Placement Exam. You may take the exam at a future date.​

  • If you place in SPN, GER, or FRN 112 (3 credit hours) or higher, you will complete the Modern Language / International Cultures requirement.  In other words, a language numbered 112 or higher will complete the Modern Language / International Cultures requirement.  You will only earn 4 credit hours, but you will complete the requirement.
    • NOTE: SPN, GER or FRN 112 is a 3 credit hour lecture that must be taken concurrently with a 1 credit hour online lab (XXX 110) You must register for both the lecture and lab, for a total of 4 credit hours. 
  • If you place in XXX 111, you may take that language in your first semester. However, XXX 111 will only fulfill 1 of the 2 required Modern Language/International Cultures requirement.
    • NOTE: SPN, GER or FRN 111 is a 3 credit hour lecture that must be taken concurrently with a 1 credit hour online lab (XXX 109) You must register for both the lecture and lab, for a total of 4 credit hours.

Testing Out of the Language Requirement

  •  If you believe you are fluent in another language, you may take a Language Competency Examination. The Competency Exam is an exam for ESL or bilingual students.  For more details, contact Charisse Williams at CharisseWilliams [at] creighton [dot] edu.

Unrestricted Electives

The Magis Common Core allows you to explore your interests. You may take any classes to fulfill the unrestricted elective requirements. Some business students may reserve unrestricted electives for a second major in business, or an Arts & Science minor. Other students will take a variety of courses, from exercise science to theatre to biology. The choice is yours! Plan well and have fun!