Understand Your First Semester

Understand Your First Semester

First Semester HCB Curriculum Checklists

Knowing what courses to register for starts with your first semester curriculum checklists:

These first semester checklists include special notes that will help you during your first registration cycle:

Heider College of Business Registration

Unless otherwise noted by your RSP Faculty Advisor, the courses in gray will be taken in future semesters at Creighton.

When selecting your courses, please reference the First Semester Courses. All incoming Heider College of Business freshmen are pre-registered for RSP 103. This section and any other pre-registered courses may not be changed.

Searching for Suggested Courses

When searching for classes on the Class Schedule Search, use the “Attribute Type” Magis Common Core: XXXX. Using the “Attribute Type” search will allow you to see all the course options that fulfill a Magis Common Core course requirement.

Leave other search fields as “All,” then scroll to the “Attribute Type” search box found on the lower half of the Class Schedule Search page.

Heider College of Business Registration

This handy search will allow you to pull up all the classes/options that you may choose to fulfill a Magis Common Core requirement:

  • 1CCC Magis Common Core: I Cont Comp = ENG 15X
  • 1CCT Magis Common Core: I Christian = THL 11X
  • 1CHI Magis Common Core: I Critcl Iss* = XXX 17X (*This class has a co-req of COM 101)
  • 1COC Magis Common Core: I Oral Comm = COM 101 (The co-req for Magis Common Core: I Human Inquiry)
  • 1CPI Magis Common Core: I Phil Ideas = PHL 11X
  • 2CUN Magis Common Core: II Undrst NS = ___ ___