Frequently Asked Questions

Business Student FAQ

What is the math requirement?

The two mathematics requirements for Heider College of Business students include:

  • Applied Mathematics (MTH 201)
  • Calculus. Choose one of the following: Applied Calculus (MTH 141), Traditional Calculus (MTH 245) or Calculus for the Biological Sciences (MTH 231 - pre-health sciences students, only)

Mathematical competency is an important skill set for business students. Begin at an appropriate level based on your placement and your background in high school. If you had A’s and B’s and four years of high school math (Algebra I through pre-calculus/trig), then you are well prepared for a college level math class at Creighton. In general, it is recommended to choose between Applied Calculus (MTH 141) and Applied Mathematics (MTH 201) for your first math course. All business students will take MTH 201, or take the wavier exam.

Most business students will take MTH 141. However, if you are a Pre-Health Sciences student, we encourage you to take MTH 231 or MTH 245 to fulfill your Calculus requirement instead of MTH 141. MTH 231 emphasizes the application of calculus for the biological sciences.If you plan to major in economics, attend graduate school in finance or economics, or minor in math, we encourage you to take MTH 245. Some professional or graduate schools require traditional calculus, while others may not. We believe it’s better to be safe than sorry, and give yourself the most options possible when / if you apply to professional or graduate school.

A minimum ACT math score of 24 is required for eligibility to take MTH 245. Please consult the Dean’s Office or your RSP Advisor if you are unsure about your placement.

What if I am interested in completing the pre-health sciences requirements while earning my degree in business?

You should use the Pre-Health Sciences Checklist if you are considering completing pre-health requirements along with your business degree.

Take CHM 203 General Chemistry I and CHM 204 General Chemistry I Lab (CHM 203 / CHM 204), BIO 201 General Biology: Organismal and Population and BIO 205 General Biology: Organismal and Population Lab (BIO  201 /BIO 205) and MTH 201 Applied Math.  You can fill your schedule out with other magis common core courses.  Register for the same section and corresponding lab for CHM 203 /204 (e.g. CHM 203 Section A and CHM 204 Section AA; CHM 203 Section B and CHM 204 Section BB, etc.).  You may take any BIO lab. The BIO lecture and lab do not need to match.

If you did not earn a math score of 24 on the ACT or 560 on the SAT, you will not be allowed to register for CHM 203/204. Instead, enroll in CHM 105 Introduction to Chemistry for the fall semester. This is an introductory chemistry course, and a good warm up for CHM 203/204, which you will take sophomore year instead. You must earn a “C” or higher in CHM 105 to take CHM 203/204 in fall of your sophomore year. 

  1. Enroll in CHM 105 Introduction to Chemistry for the fall semester. This is an introductory chemistry course, and a good warm up for CHM 203/204, which you will take sophomore year instead.  You must earn a “C” or higher in CHM 105 to take CHM 203/204 in fall of your sophomore year.

What if my RSP Advisor does not contact me?

Please try to contact your RSP Advisor. Your Faculty Advisor’s contact information was sent to your Creighton email. 

What if I have dual enrollment or credit from another school?

If you have taken dual enrollment or college courses before coming to Creighton, make sure to have official transcripts sent to pamelavaughan [at] creighton [dot] edu (Pamela Vaughan) for evaluation. You should be able to request an electronic copy of your official transcript from the host school. If necessary, you may send an official hard copy to: Heider College of Business, 2500 California Plaza, Harper Center 3055C, Omaha, NE 68178.
NOTE: Do not register for a class if you expect to receive transfer credit for that class.

If you think you may receive course credit for a dual enrollment course you have already completed, do not register for that course. In other words, if you took Introduction to Psychology, a language, English Composition or a science as dual enrollment, do not register for that course(s) for your first semester at Creighton. Dual enrollment transcripts will not be officially evaluated until mid-August. If you have multiple dual enrollment classes (15+ credits), work closely with your faculty advisor to choose your fall classes.

When do I start taking business classes?

Your RSP 103 section will be taught by a Heider College of Business professor, and the students in your RSP section will be business students. However, you may choose to take your first business class in the fall semester of your freshman year, or wait until spring semester of your freshman year. Introductory Microeconomics (ECO 203) will be your first business class.

What are learning communities?

Learning Communities allow students with shared academic interests and experiences to come together to discern options in pre-professional study. The Creighton EDGE offers seminars and co-curricular activities to help Creighton students prepare for the professional/graduate school application process. All Learning Communities provide students with opportunities for mentoring and shadowing, as well as networking with pre-professional students, faculty and alumni. If you have an interest in possibly attending graduate or professional school, such as law school or medical school, please let your Advisor know so he or she can provide you the necessary resources to get involved with the appropriate Learning Community.
The EDGE currently offers the following Learning Communities: