Tim Kelly

Tim Kelly

Chicago, IL

Tim Kelly is an example of what can happen when you make the most of your time in College.

The Frankfort, IL native transferred to Creighton his sophomore year. During his three years as a Jay, Kelly conducted economic research for Dr. Ernie Goss, worked as a student ambassador coordinator and served as a Decurion for the Dean’s Fellows program. Additionally, he worked at GE Healthcare as a mobility manager.

Leaving his previous university was a difficult decision, Kelly owns, but Creighton was a better fit for him.  “The focus that teachers had on the student learning process was overall one of the biggest draws.”

After saying good-bye to Creighton and Omaha in May of 2016, Kelly returned to his home state as a member of Protiviti’s IT consulting group. Kelly now travels around the country to various client locations to work with their different systems and technology needs. The fast-paced, ever-shifting work environment at Protiviti, a risk and business consulting firm in Chicago, appealed to Tim Kelly. 

The more he learned about the work culture at the firm, the more his interest in it grew. So he applied. Following an initial phone interview, he flew to Chicago where he met with several consultants and managers. “I saw it as a two-way interview to see how I would fit into their firm, and if their firm was the right fit for me,” states Kelly.

It was. Says Kelly: “It only reassured me that this was the job that I truly wanted.”

Protiviti’s IT Consulting team is divided into three main groups: Managing the Business of IT, Managing IT Security and Privacy and Managing Applications and Data. Kelly will work projects in each group to determine which fits his talents best.  “Early on it is easier to switch between groups as your interests are discovered,” Kelly explains. “I am attracted to the novelty of new problems and situations and am excited to see such a broad scope of work within a short period of time. The learning curve is shortened and demands are high. I think the opportunities for development will be immense.”

“My time at Creighton was a constant balancing act. But I think that Creighton prepares students by teaching them to perform at a high level across the different areas of their lives. College is much more than a GPA, and there are a variety of ways to grow and develop at Creighton. I could not have been happier to spend three years there doing just that,” says Kelly.