Nicholas Nalbach
Student Success Story Heider College of Business, Creighton University

Nicholas Nalbach

Carson Wealth Management Group
Omaha, NE

Nicholas Nalbach hadn’t considered Creighton as a college option. While in Omaha to spend time with family, his uncle suggested he tour Creighton. It would be a perfunctory visit, thought Nalbach.

He was wrong.

“When I stepped foot on campus I got the feeling that it was the right place: plenty of opportunity, good academics, a fun city and great people.”

Nalbach also liked that a business degree from the Heider College of Business does not pigeon hole students into one field of study or prepare them for a single career.

Nalbach’s internships reflect this eclecticism. His first internship, occurring the summer after his freshman year, was as an Accounting Specialist for Able2 Health Services Company in Elmira, NY, where he developed a $1,000,000 accounting system for a local pre-school. Then, the next summer he took a turn in the banking industry as a Business Client Services Administrator at Chemung Canal Trust Company in Elmira. After that Nick worked for TD Ameritrade as an Investor Services Intern. 

“I love gaining different perspectives on things, so having the opportunity to see different areas of the business really caught my eye when applying,” says Nalbach.

He also appreciated the experiential learning component of the internship, a trading competition in which interns “use play money to invest in the real markets to see who can come out with the highest net worth at the end.”  As it turns out, victory was Nalbach’s, with a 250% yield. Finally, Nalbach completed an internship as a financial analyst with Renaissance Financial and secured a position at Carson Wealth Management upon graduation. 

Nalbach believes Creighton prepared him well for his varied internship opportunities and eventual job offer because of how much they stress the importance of being well rounded, in academics and in life.  It’s a philosophy that appeals to Nalbach, who was active within the Heider College of Business through such activities as the Creighton Business Symposium and Alpha Kappa Psi and at the University level as a Blue Crew member and Birdcage executive officer.

Says Nalbach: “Not only does Creighton teach you how to become a good business person, doctor, dentist, teacher, musician, etc., Creighton teaches you how to be a good person on top of your profession. And to me, that’s more important.”