Jeffery King
Jeffrey King, Heider College of Business

Jeffery King

JPMorgan Chase & Company
New York, New York

What was supposed to be a simple night out in the Big Apple turned into an employment opportunity for one Heider College of Business alum.

During the 2014 New York travel course trip to Manhattan, a group of Creighton students were taking in a Knicks game when an executive director in training at JPMorgan Chase & Company mistook the seniors for junior bankers from Chase. Jeffery King, BSBA ’14, struck up a conversation with the executive about job opportunities post-graduation. When the evening ended, King took the executive’s card and resumed the hectic schedule of the New York travel course.

Fast forward a year later.

King, who is originally from Plano, TX, traveled extensively after graduation and then relocated to New York City. “The class trip helped solidify my decision to move to and pursue a career in NYC,” states King, who had studied music – violin performance - in New York.

His immediate goal was to just get his foot in the corporate door, which he admits was challenging, even almost depressing at times. But he persevered and recently accepted a position with JPMorgan Chase & Company in its Global Compliance Operations as a business analysis and reporting analyst.

Most Heider College of Business students know the necessity of networking, and the college provides a plethora of opportunities to meet business professionals. But sometimes, as King’s story attests, the path to employment can be unconventional and unexpected, like meeting a business contact at a basketball game.

Says King: “You really never know when networking opportunities reveal themselves.”