Vanessa Juardo

Mutual of Omaha

Omaha, NE

“I strongly believe that whatever you put in is what you will get out,” says Vanessa Juardo. Education coupled with opportunities and experiences – that is what drew the Holdrege native to Creighton instead of an out of state school, as she originally intended.

Tim Kelly


Chicago, IL

Sean Mathison

Macy’s Inc.

New York, NY

Nicholas Nalbach

Carson Wealth Management Group

Omaha, NE

Nam Vu

After living half way around the world – literally – Nam Vu returned home to Hanoi, Vietnam. 

Leah Brindley
John Walawender

John’s passion for the auto industry lead him to a dream internship, and career. 

He was a regular at car shows and events, including the international Auto Show, Woodward Dream Cruise and Concours d’Elegance.  And, he is a native of what some call “Motor City” - the Detroit, Michigan area.

Garrett Kenyon

Nike, INC.

Beaverton, OR

Brittany Clifton

TD Ameritrade

Jersey City, NJ