Cameron Trace
Cameron Trace Heider College of Business

Cameron Trace

New York, NY

Cameron Trace is heading to New York City for the summer, and she hopes after graduation as well. Originally from New England, this now Cedar Rapids, IA junior will be interning for AKA, a theatrical marketing firm located in Midtown Manhattan. As a marriage of her two loves – marketing and theater - it is a “dream internship” for Trace, who is double majoring in marketing and BIA and minoring in musical theater.

“It has an energy that captivates me,” says Trace of her favorite city, New York. “I think it comes from all of the ambitious and driven people pursuing their dreams every day. I can’t wait to be part of such a vibrant place.”

This internship is a year in the making. She began researching internship opportunities in New York last year, even traveling to New York at the end of last summer to meet with her potential boss and learn more about AKA.  Her initiative paid off.  She secured an interview, which was conducted via Skype because she was studying abroad in Paris at the time.

“I knew that my enthusiasm would come across because I was so passionate about theater and marketing,” says Trace. But, leaving nothing to chance, she studiously researched AKA as much as possible to prepare. “After waiting a year, it’s almost here,” she enthuses.

Trace will be working as a marketing and promotions intern.  As such, she will be pitching for cross-promotional opportunities, managing trade ticket and voucher logs, researching niche audiences in the city and supporting both the marketing and promotional teams, she explains.

With each of her three previous internships, Trace added new skill sets to her resume. After freshman year, she worked as a marketing intern for ImOn Communications, a position she held for two summers as well as remotely while at Creighton during her junior year. Here, she learned Photoshop and applied this knowledge to designing brochures, sales flyers, ImOn’s web site and more.  She also learned how to write copy according to brand and audience. During the summer after her freshman year, she also acquired a second internship with TipMine, a start up company that is a social site that allows visitors to share tips and advice with each other.  She wrote copy and conducted social media presence research.

Currently she serves as a marketing intern for HDR, an architectural and engineering firm, and has added InDesign and Illustrator proficiencies to her skill set as well as “learning how to work within very stringent brand guidelines while still allowing for creativity,” she says.

“Each of my internships has taught me many different and valuable skills and have made the academic classes I’m taking extremely relevant, because I’m able to apply most of what I’m learning right away. Not only do I get to learn about perception in a marketing class, but then I get to go apply it that very same day creating proposals for HDR and creating web elements for ImOn,” Trace has observed. “Getting this kind of real-world experience is crucial to landing a full-time job offer upon graduation.”

Trace is hoping this job offer will be in New York City. Until then, she will learn all she can at AKA and during her senior year at Creighton, where, she maintains, she will graduate not only with a solid degree but a great education.