Brian Kuehner

Brian Kuehner

Chicago, IL

Brian Kuehner may look forward to a career analyzing numbers, but he picked Creighton because he did not want to become one.

The junior accounting and finance major was drawn to Creighton’s small class sizes, numerous real-life leadership opportunities and faculty accessibility.  “The business professors do not simply lecture all class period but engage the students by asking ‘What are your thoughts on this?’ or ‘What would you do if this were your business and you faced this decision?’” Kuehner has witnessed.

Learning experiences such as these, coupled with Creighton’s emphasis on the Jesuit value of cura personalis, confirmed he made the right choice of universities three years ago.  

Kuehner knew in high school that he would eventually pursue a business degree.  The stock market’s performance proved more interesting than his high school curriculum.  He and his friend often discussed market’s ups and downs rather than working on their calculus equations during class. 

The Shoreview, MN native will be interning with PricewaterhouseCoopers this summer in the firm’s Assurance department.  But he is not new to firm. This past summer he participated in its Elevate leadership program. It was a journey that began when he attended a “Meet the Firms” event on campus the fall of his sophomore year. He almost did not go, thinking junior and seniors would be most in demand with prospective employers. 

Don’t sell yourself short was the lesson he subsequently learned.  He gave PricewaterhouseCoopers his resume as a long shot and received a call asking if he’d be interested in interviewing for the Elevate program. 

Flash forward to the end of the summer program. Kuehner interviewed for a post-junior year internship.  He admits to being anxious about his first professional interview: “I just reminded myself, though, that at the end of the day, you just need to be yourself. People aren’t interested in you acting like someone you are not. I knew God would look out for me and that if it was meant to be, everything would work out.”

His success was more than attributable to divine intervention, though. He had the necessary talent and work ethic.  And he had the encouragement of Creighton alum, Michael Stork, a partner at the firm’s Minneapolis office.  Alums like Stork, says Kuehner, play an integral role in helping current Creighton students secure internships and employment offers: “Both myself and my classmates are blessed to be  part of a family of individuals who care about their school, are successful in their careers, and give back to their community.” 

It’s a relationship he hopes to be on the other side of in the future.

Story by Molly Garriott