Student Profile: Emily Nyvall
Student Profile: Emily Nyvall

When junior Emily Nyvall returned home this past summer to the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, she did so to continue her schooling. Not in the traditional, classroom/lecture/test sense, but by learning-on-the-job. She worked as an online content intern for Ergodyne Corporation, a manufacturer and distributor of safety products for workers worldwide.

Nyvall is enthusiastic about many things, and learning ranks high on the list. Her passion for education brought her to Creighton two years ago, in large part due to the university’s reputation for blending multiple opportunities in the classroom and beyond, including experiential learning.

“Since taking my first steps on Creighton’s campus, I was surrounded by a community that I knew would be able to uplift me socially, academically and as a person working towards becoming a future business leader,” says Nyvall.

She is double majoring in business intelligence and analytics (BIA) and marketing because the two fields tap into her analytical and creative talents. A common misconception, she says, is that these two areas seldom overlap in business. Not so, says Nyvall: “Every action a company makes creates data. There is a constant need to analyze this data in order to use it towards the company’s benefit. The majors of marketing and BIA can be applied to a wide array of business opportunities and the need to combine creative and analytical aspects with the business world is constantly growing.”

Plus, both fields are continually changing; Nyvall will always be learning and developing as a young professional, which is important to her.

Nyvall’s internship played to both of her strengths. She was tasked with auditing and improving Ergodyne’s online content and customer experience for online shoppers. This included improving product page listings by constructing and managing product databases. While there was an initial learning curve, she was gratified that her work added value to Ergodyne.

What did she take away from the experience? The chance to apply the technical skills she learned her freshman and sophomore years in a real-life situation. “Although you can learn a lot through lectures and time spent reading textbooks, there is nothing more valuable than having the opportunity to apply your coursework in a business setting,” says Nyvall. “My experience at Ergodyne has provided a new lens through which I now learn. Ergodyne is the point of reference upon which I benchmark the companies, cases and scenarios that I am learning about in the classroom. On the flip side, the coursework at Creighton has provided me with a competitive edge towards marketing myself and a versatile set of skills that can be applied in many areas.”

And Nyvall marketed herself. She took advantage of networking opportunities, resume writing workshops and practice interviews at the John P. Fahey Career Center. She connected with Creighton alumnus, Jeff Bazal, senior director of national accounts and business development at Ergodyne, through Jeremy Fisher, MBA, PHR, director of the Career Center. Bazal, whom Nyvall calls a “smart and generous business mentor,” set her up for success by providing thorough training and the freedom to learn on her own.

“If it weren’t for successful and generous Creighton alumni, an amazing Creighton career center and an education with robust experiences that extend beyond the classroom, I would not have had this deeply enriching experience,” says Nyvall. “I don’t doubt that this experience will unlock more doors in the future.”