Student profile: Anri Rogers
Student profile: Anri Rogers

An intention to pursue a biology degree originally brought Anri Rogers to Creighton from her hometown of Pearl City, Hawaii. But she discovered that while she enjoyed the sciences, working in a biology-related field was not what she wanted to do for the rest of her life.

So she transferred to the Heider College of Business and concentrated her studies in marketing, which catered to her interest in consumer behavior. “I have worked closely with retail and start-ups, and it was interesting to see how people invested in certain products,” Rogers says. Given the added appeal entrepreneurialism has, she is considering a second major in management. 

Born in Japan, Rogers moved to Hawaii when she was 8 years old. In the spring of 2017, she returned to Japan for an internship with 01Booster, a business creation accelerator in Tokyo. 01Booster is a partner to venture accelerator Blue Startups in Hawaii, a company for which Rogers interned between her freshman and sophomore years.

Being bilingual played a prominent role in her marketing internship with 01Booster. Rogers became an unofficial translator at work, translating projects and presentations from English to Japanese and vice versa. She also hosted 01Engligh Dojo, an English improvement program, and thus became an in-house language tutor.

“I helped my fellow employees by interacting with them in English to build their confidence for when they interact with U.S. partner or clients,” explains Rogers.

While in Tokyo, Rogers studied at Tokyo’s Sophia University, taking classes in marketing, management, accounting and macroeconomics. It was a valuable experience, says Rogers, with networking opportunities, proximity to family and exposure to Japanese higher education.

“Compared to Creighton, I had a hard time making a one-on-one connection with the professors,” Rogers says. “The faculty at Creighton University cares about their students and sets them up for success. By experiencing the education system abroad, I am convinced that Creighton is an amazing school.”

Rogers sees a need for graduates with international work experience and proficiency in two or more languages. But studying abroad is not the only way to facilitate global internships, she says. Finding out which international companies hire interns from different countries is just a mouse click away. Networking or volunteering at local business events will also connect students to corporations with global offices. Companies abroad, she maintains, are interested in hiring native English speakers.