Nike Comes to the Creighton Business Symposium
Nike Comes to the Creighton Business Symposium

Attending the Creighton Business Symposium can direct the trajectory of your life. Sounds like hyperbole, but it’s true. At least for one alum.

Macy Korver, BSBA’12, NIKE, Inc., was all over the career board as a college freshman. Standing before a judge and jury, arguing a case as a lawyer appealed to her. So did nursing, a vocation many of her friends were pursuing. She loved fashion and merchandising (read: shopping). A member of the Lady Jays soccer team, she was passionate about sports.

But when she attended the Creighton Business Symposium her freshman year and listened to keynote speaker, Jayme Martin, BSBA’92, vice president and general manager of NIKE, Inc., the career path Korver had been considering was cemented. “I felt like he was talking to me,” she recalls. “Everything he said about passion and sports was music to my ears. From that moment on, it was official: I was going to do everything I could to follow my dream and work at Nike some day.”

Korver shared this personal story with the 110 high school students and their guests at this year’s Creighton Business Symposium, held November 11 at the CenturyLink Center Omaha. As the largest student-run business conference in the country, Creighton Business Symposium draws over 800 attendees from Creighton, the Omaha business community and beyond.

It is also increasingly attracting high school students. This year’s attendance was the largest high school attendance in the symposium’s history, with 37 different schools and 11 different states represented. Students came from as far away as New Jersey and California.

Korver spoke to students in the special session, The Future for You at CU, recounting how she knew Creighton was the place for her the minute she stepped on campus. During one of the day’s conversations, she expressed an interest in fashion and sports. A coach, rather off-handedly, mentioned a Creighton alumna who had a position high up on the Nike food chain. Korver dismissed the comment. A year later she was sitting at the symposium, listening to that same alum - Jayme Martin -address the audience.

Fast forward eight years and Korver was back on campus, talking to students at the same symposium that mobilized her career path. Alongside the man who inspired her, no less. Jayme Martin was the afternoon keynote speaker of this year’s symposium, whose theme was “Matching Passion and Profit.”  

The morning keynote speaker was Jeanne Sullivan, JD,’80, founder and chief inspiration officer of Sullivan Adventures and co-founder of StarVest Partners, a venture capital firm in New York City. Sullivan encouraged her audience to “connect with one another, be voracious readers and be curious.” Success, she maintained, is the outcome of doing something “that feeds your soul.”

Korver reinforced this message in her own talk, saying the classes she took at Creighton taught her “to think like a leader” and gave her the confidence to be an entrepreneur of her own life and career.

Perhaps Korver’s words will spur a student to pursue a particular business path, like Martin’s words encouraged her eight years ago.  

Or, better yet, be the entrepreneur of their life’s journey.