With Heider Staff Support, Sherman Receives IIA Scholarship
With Heider Staff Support, Sherman Receives IIA Scholarship

It was a bit of a pain, really. Gathering letters of recommendation. Requesting his formal transcript. Updating and submitting his resume. Filling out an application. Writing an essay. But it was the process’ very time-consumptive nature that actually enticed Andrew Sherman to apply for the Classic Scholarship Award, offered by the Aksarben Chapter of the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA). 

“I thought, Hey, most kids probably won’t take the time to all of this, so maybe I’ll grind it out and give it a shot,” Sherman admits of the application process. Turns out, his logic was flawed; this past year yielded the largest application pool in recent years. But Sherman, along with one other student, won the scholarship, valued at $2,500.

“I feel very, very fortunate and grateful to win because there is a lot of talent from here to Lincoln,” the junior from St. Charles, Illinois acknowledges.

The scholarship recognizes high achieving college students who have completed their sophomore year; are pursuing a business degree, which includes accounting; have a cumulative 3.25 GPA and a 3.5 accounting GPA; participate in extra-curricular activities, especially those of an academic nature; and are active volunteers.

“Andrew is deserving of the scholarship because of his academic record and his involvement on campus,” says Charisse Williams, MA, assistant dean and Sherman’s academic advisor, involvement which includes participation in the Heider Dean’s Fellows Program, the Anna Tyler Waite Leadership Program and the Dean’s Honor Roll for Social Responsibility; leadership roles in the Heider Business Senate and Student Leadership Cabinet; running JayClean; and volunteering at Siena-Francis House. “But Andrew also tried. He got his hustle on, applying for the scholarship. He is an outstanding young man: professional, approachable, kind and smart. And he tried!”

Business has been Sherman’s calling from an early age because it’s “what connects peoples’ ideas to the practical environment, society,” he says. “If you can help businesses be successful, then you can help peoples’ ideas flourish, benefitting the lives of millions, and creating wealth and security for our society.”

Sherman is double majoring in accounting and business intelligence and analytics, which are “like puzzles” to him. “I genuinely find them fun,” he owns. Still, he rounds out his “entertainment” with the more conventional round of golf or game of sand volleyball.

Ironically, Sherman did not plan on applying to Creighton; his mother made him. In a case of “Mother Knows Best,” Sherman has come to love the University’s communal atmosphere, where students and professors share genuine interaction and where “everyone seems to want to help one another,” which “falls in line with my values as a person.”

“Creighton,” he continues, “fosters the value-driven individual over the success-driven, although it doesn’t fall short of delivering success. Our pool of opportunity is so deep that you have to try to not succeed. Creighton really sets you up for success.”