Heider Breaks Enrollment Records - Again
Heider Breaks Enrollment Records - Again

On move-in day 2018, Creighton welcomed another record-breaking freshman class to campus. And the Heider College of Business significantly contributed to this wave of new Jays, shattering its admission goal of 275 to welcome 325 freshmen to the University community.

No easy feat in a highly competitive college market, coupled with demographics reflecting low birth rates among the college-age population.

“We put together a tremendous team of stakeholders – faculty, staff, students, alumni and parents –  who are second to none in connecting with prospective students,” says Dean Anthony R. Hendrickson, PhD. “I couldn’t be more proud of their collective efforts, or more gratified that because of their efforts, more men and women will be educated in the Jesuit tradition and effect positive change in the business world.” 

Growth is a worthy goal, but only if it is judicious. The integrity of a Heider College of Business education, what sets it apart from other institutions, must be maintained. Students come for ranked business programs, innovative experiential learning, and internship opportunities resulting in a post-graduation success rate that consistently hovers around 99 percent.

But equally integral to the Heider College of Business experience are its 11:1 student-to-faculty ratio, class availability, faculty advisor program, and impressive four-year graduation rate. All these play a significant part in what distinguishes Creighton from its competitors.

To ensure the Class of 2022 will have the same experience as its predecessors, faculty members stepped into advisory roles, additional class sections opened, the College hired several new professors and instructors, and the John P. Fahey Career Center added a dedicated business career counselor to its staff.

“We are known for offering a personalized business education,” says Allison Sagehorn, associate director of outreach for the Heider College of Business, “and we are confident that the Class of 2022 will enjoy the same individualized and opportunity-rich experience that previous Heider students have had before them.”