Bushouse Uses Creighton MBA to Catapult Career
Bushouse Uses Creighton MBA to Catapult Career

Shawn Bushouse, MBA’09, believes in the importance of surrounding himself by quality people. As an executive vice president at James Skinner Baking, Bushouse and his “fantastic leadership team” direct the company’s sales, marketing, finance, human resources, IT, supply chain and sales and operations planning functions, which, he says, is instrumental in creating “a brighter future for over 750 families” at J Skinner Baking.

Similarly, while at Creighton, he benefited from exposure to expert faculty members with industry experience and “sharp, talented students,” many of whom he counts as life-long friends. “The caliber of the faculty, students and alumni set the tone” for a formative graduate business education, says Bushouse. “A Creighton education has a strong component of the technical skills that are realistic in today’s business roles but also includes the soft skills needed to be a leader.”

Bushouse graduated from Western Michigan University in 2005, having double majored in accounting and finance. He worked for Kellogg’s, first in its corporate office, then relocating to Omaha as its manufacturing facility’s financial controller. It was during this time that Bushouse recognized an MBA’s worth to his career plans. After completing his MBA, he again relocated with Kellogg’s to Philadelphia for a promotion with financial accountability over the company’s largest sales business unit.

“The passion and notoriety that Creighton had within the city and surrounding areas, along with a strong, growing national presence mixed with spot-on alignment with my personal values, made Creighton an obvious choice,” Bushouse states. But he had never set foot on campus. So one Saturday he walked around Creighton, taking in the buildings and art, watching undergraduates bustle about, visiting St. John’s. “It only took about five minutes, and I knew Creighton was going to be a great fit for me,” he recalls.

Waiting to enroll in an MBA program after he had a few years of work under his belt was the right progression for Bushouse. He liked that his fellow students could augment faculty industry experience with their own professional insights. He would go to work the day after class and implement what he learned the night before. “Hearing some of the real-life examples other students would discuss in open class forums really helps to put into perspective challenges or opportunities in your business,” he discovered. Every students’ unique background, including his own growing up in a small, rural area of southwest Michigan, enriched the classroom. “That is where the value of the MBA resides,” he continues, “the diversity of thought and talents.”

An avid Jays basketball fan, Bushouse watches and attends games whenever he is able. He has engaged in philanthropic activities through his local alumni club, and pops into St. John’s for mass when he is in the area. Currently, he resides in Chicago, though intended to be temporary, as the M’s Pub fire engulfed his Omaha condo. Making lemonade out of lemons, Bushouse took the opportunity to live in a larger market closer to family. While in the Windy City, he has continued his education, just completing the CFO program at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business.

Bushouse looks forward to returning to Omaha, and maybe if he’s lucky it will be in time to head to the CenturyLink Center for the first home game of the Jays’ 2017-2018 season.