Darnold, Horwitz Awarded Endowed Chair Positions

Aug 5, 2016

Two Heider College of Business faculty members have been recognized as “standard bearers in their fields” and thus awarded endowed chair positions.

Dr. Marcoux’s Speaking Engagements

Dec 14, 2015

Dr. Marcoux spoke to students and faculty from the two universities on the role entrepreneurship theories can play in 21st century political economy.

3DS 2015

Dec 14, 2015

3-Day Startup is geared for the doer who wants to make the leap from idea to execution. It’s a 72-hour, learning-by-doing entrepreneurial boot camp for students to test the methodology behind starting a company.

Alumni Spotlight: Annie Marcuzzo

Dec 11, 2015


Creighton Student Center for Public Trust

Dec 1, 2015

This fall, Creighton University established a Student Center for Public Trust (CPT), the first student chapter in the state of Nebraska.