Hannah Welsh Discovers The Power Of Travel

Mar 22, 2018

The sophomore recommends studying abroad for those students whose academic schedules allow. Her own experience has increased her confidence and been formative in ways unexpected.

Meet Advisory Board Member-Paul Thompson

Mar 22, 2018

Thompson encourages fellow alums to promote and support Creighton in whatever way they can: sharing their experience with high school seniors, attending alumni gatherings in their cities and/or serving on advisory boards.

Heider Faculty Offer Expertise on Numerous Boards

Feb 28, 2018

Regina Taylor, PhD, says, “One of my favorite verses from the Bible is Luke 12:48: To whom much is give, much is required, and I think that serving on a board is an excellent way to give my time and talents to causes I care about.”

Special Programs Day Breaks Attendance Records. Again.

Feb 28, 2018

This year the Heider College of Business moved from a two-day interview and competition weekend to a single day as part of the larger, campus-wide Special Programs Day.

Introducing Heider's 2018 Alpha Sigma Nu Inductees

Feb 28, 2018

Alpha Sigma Nu is the honor society of Jesuit colleges and universities. The society advances the core principles of Jesuit education, in particular academics, service and loyalty. Eight Heider College of Business students were honored in 2018.