An Unusual Connection Caused Shyah to Consider Creighton

Feb 17, 2017

California native Shyah Ghaseminia’s first thought about Creighton was, “Wow, this is definitely not a cornfield.” But the unexpectedly urban setting of campus was only one of several factors that influenced her decision to become a Blue Jay.

Gaming Gets its Day in BIA Class

Feb 16, 2017

Dr. Cynthia Corritore wants her students to get immersed in the world of MMORPGs (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games) because it's essential in order to master the course material in her BIA 375 class.

NYC – A Small World After All

Feb 15, 2017

While visiting New York City for the annual New York travel course, students and faculty had a little unexpected Creighton company.

Heider Advisory Board Member Profile: Rick Witt

Feb 9, 2017

After a stutter start to his college career at a large state school, Rick Witt, BSBA’74 took the advice of a high school friend who was a Jay and transferred to Creighton.

Linden Brings Fashion Experiences Back to Omaha

Feb 7, 2017

After spending time working for Chanel in NYC, Beverly Hills and Orange County, Sabrina Linden, BSBA’10 decided to return to Omaha to open merci., a women’s clothing and accessories boutique in Countryside Village.