Jesuit MBA Credit Transfer

Transfer credit hours to easily obtain your MBA.

The Jesuit Business Network’s transfer agreement makes attaining an MBA even easier. The agreement guarantees that credits taken at one Jesuit institution will seamlessly transfer to more than 20 other Jesuit universities, including Boston College, Fordham University, Loyola University Chicago, Saint Louis University, Seattle University, and the University of San Francisco.

How does it work?

  • Students can augment their coursework with classes from other universities within the network of schools
  • If you move during your MBA, you can easily transfer credits back to Creighton in order to complete your MBA
  • The degree is conferred by the university where you complete over 50 percent of your coursework

For more information about the Jesuit Business Network’s transfer agreement, contact Chris Karasek in the Graduate Business Programs Office at chriskarasek [at] creighton [dot] educhriskarasek [at] creighton [dot] edu (subject: Jesuit%20MBA%20Credit%20Transfer) (​) or visit