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The all-new FinTech major – one of the first of its kind in the U.S. – is a degree program that intersects our 15th-ranked Finance degree program with our 23rd-ranked Business Intelligence and Analytics program.

FinTech is a term used to describe the increasing use of technology in the financial services industry. The presence of Big Data, coupled with technologies such as Blockchain, machine learning and artificial intelligence, are materially changing the ways that firms in the financial services industry do business. The field of finance has become far more data-driven in all its subdisciplines, of finance, and Creighton’s new Finance and Technology (FinTech) major will allow students to gain a thorough understanding of how these technologies are disrupting traditional financial institutions, and how these institutions are starting to respond.

The FinTech major provides students with the opportunity to complete the rigorous core coursework of a traditional finance major while also developing a solid technical background to complement their finance knowledge. This combination will make Creighton FinTech majors highly competitive in the finance job market upon graduation. Creighton business graduates are also prepared for professional finance certifications, such as the CFA and CFP.

Students in Creighton’s FinTech degree program have the opportunity to:

  • Learn from highly credentialed faculty. Most of Creighton’s finance faculty have doctoral degrees, as well as industry credentials such as the CFA, CFP and CPA
  • Manage the $7 million Creighton University Student Portfolio (CUSP) through acceptance into the portfolio practicum course
  • Earn course credit for work in an FinTech-related internship
  • Learn to code in languages, such as SQL and Python


The average starting salary for a 2017 Creighton graduate in finance was $50,000. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, as the population ages and life expectancies increase, demand for financial planning services is projected to grow at a rate much faster than other occupations.

Entry-level positions for students earning the BSBA with a major in Finance and Technology (FinTech) include, but are not limited to:

  • Financial Analyst
  • Investment Analyst
  • Investment Banking Analyst
  • Product Manager
  • Data Analyst
  • App Developer
  • Data Specialist
  • Innovation Analyst

What You'll Learn

  • Gain an understanding about the emergence of new business models in various areas of payments, banking, insurance and wealth management.
  • Gain an understanding of how Big Data, machine learning and artificial intelligence are affecting the financial services industry.
  • Learn how to value fixed income and equity securities using discounted cash flow and relative value approaches.
  • Learn how to use programming skills to perform analysis of traditional data and nontraditional data.
  • Understand why FinTech is a welcome innovation that has the opportunity to progress society both through job creation and financial inclusion for financially excluded populations of the world.


Finance Courses 

FIN 325 – Investment Analysis
FIN 361 – Financial Institutions Management
FIN 355 – Foundations of FinTech
FIN 425 – Security Analysis and Portfolio Management OR FIN 435 – Portfolio Practicum

One of the following courses:

  • FIN 366 – Finance Internship (must be FinTech related)
  • FIN 401 – Advanced Managerial Finance
  • FIN 436 – Portfolio Practicum
  • FIN 505 – Financial Modeling
  • ECO 418 – Econometrics


Technology Courses

BIA 354 – Data and Information Management
BIA 375 – Business Application Development
BIA 385 – Python Programming for Data Analytics
BIA 479 – Machine Learning
BIA 479 – Blockchain

Note: The FinTech major does not require students to take a business elective.

Admissions Requirements

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