Marty M. Sehn
Marty M. Sehn

Marty M. Sehn

Heider College of Business


  • Operations Management, Supply Chain Management, Operations Management and Logistics Analytics
  • Project Management, Lean Systems, Six Sigma
  • Management Information Systems, Information Technology Enterprise Systems and Infrastructure

Academic Appointments


  • Business Intelligence and Analytics


  • Instructor

Teaching Activity

  • Operations Management and Supply Chain Management
  • Project Management


As an operations management and supply chain management specialist, Marty Sehn offers courses in Project Management, Operations and Supply Chain Management. She was nominated to be a leading author for the National Science Foundation for her curriculum in Supply Chain Management in the field of Enterprise Operations Management. She has served as President of the Institute for Supply Chain Management, as well as served on their Board of Directors for eight years in various Vice President roles, Marketing, Public Relations and Continuing Education Chairperson. She has also designed and coordinated a state-wide college level competition called "The Supply Chain Challenge" for universities. She has taught Supply Chain Management, Operations Analytics and Technology Skills at a variety of institutions over the course of her career. 

Awards and Honors

  • Consultant, 1993
  • Curriculum Development, 1994