Kathleen M. Sheehan, PhD
Kathleen M. Sheehan, PhD

Kathleen M. Sheehan, PhD

Associate Professor
Heider College of Business

Academic Appointments


  • Economics and Finance


  • Associate Professor


Dr. Kathleen Sheehan is an Assistant Professor of Economics and a Scholar in the Institute for Economic Inquiry at the Heider College of Business at Creighton University. She earned a BA in Economics and Mathematics from Capital University and completed her MA and PhD in Economics at West Virginia University.  Dr. Sheehan was a post-doctoral research associate at the Free Market Institute at Texas Tech University and also served as a lecturer on the Free Market Roadshow in Europe. She teaches Principals of Microeconomic, Comparative Economic Systems, and Regional Economics at Creighton.  
Her primary fields of research are in the areas of Institutional Analysis and Public Economics. In her research, Dr. Sheehan explores the determinants of economic freedom and the role of globalization on the evolution of economic institutions. She has published in many academic outlets including Contemporary Economic Policy and the European Journal of Political Economy. She is also a Senior Fellow at the Fraser Institute.  

Publications and Presentations


  • “Was Adam Smith Right About Religious Competition?” (with Peter J. Boettke and Joshua C. Hall) Forum for Social Economics., Other, 1-10, 2016
  • “It’s a Small World After All: Internet Access and Institutional Quality,” (with Andrew T. Young), Contemporary Economic Policy, 33 (4), 1-19, 2015
  • “Foreign Aid, Institutional Quality, and Growth,” (with Andrew T. Young). 2014. European Journal of Political Economy, Other, 36, 195-208, 2014


  • “Asset Forfeiture, Police Budgets and Incentives” at the Public Choice Societies Annual Meetings
    Served as a discussant, 2017
  • “The Diffusion of Institutions in the Council of Europe” at the Southern Economic Association Annual Meetings
    Servas as a discussant, 2016
  • “Culture and Economic Institutions” at the Association of Enterprise Education Annual Meeting Served as a Session Chair, 2016
  • Presented “Aiding the Underground: Foreign Aid and the Shadow Economy” at the Public Choice Society 2016 meeting Served as a Session Chair Served as a Discussant, 2016
  • Presented the paper: “Just (Don’t) Do It: Child Brides and the Garment Industry” at the Southern Economic Association Annual Meetings Served as a discussant at the conference, 2015

Research and Scholarship

Research and Scholarship Interests

  • Institutional Economics, Public Economics, Development Economics