Edward Horwitz, PhD
Edward Horwitz, PhD

Edward Horwitz, PhD

Associate Professor of Practice
Heider College of Business


  • Financial Planning
  • Personal/Enterprise Risk Management
  • Financial Psychology

Academic Appointments


  • Economics and Finance


  • Associate Professor of Practice


Program director/developer of the Center For Risk Management, and Associate Professor of Practice in the Economics and Finance department of the Heider College of Business. A business management senior executive, with over 30 years of experience in the Financial Planning and Insurance Industry. 
Regarded as a knowledgeable and optimistic leader who brings a winning attitude and trusted confidence to all settings, from boardrooms to classrooms. Experienced in the development, implementation and coordination of new collegiate educational programs for financial planning, insurance, enterprise risk management, and financial psychology. PhD research has been focused on risk management, financial literacy and education, financial psychology, and financial behavioral change.

Publications and Presentations


  • Horwitz, E. J., Klontz, B. T., & Zabek, F. A Financial Psychology Intervention for Increasing
    Employee Engagement in a Retirement Plan Meeting: Results of Three Trials., Journal of Financial Counseling and Planning, 2018
  • Klontz, B. T., & Horwitz, E. Behavioral finance 2.0: Financial psychology, Journal of Financial Planning, 30 (5), 28-29, 2017
  • Stages of change and motivational interviewing in financial therapy. B.T. Klontz, S.L. Britt, & K.L. Archuleta (Eds.),, Springer Publishing, Financial therapy: Theory, research & practice, 570-594, 2015
  • Horwitz, Edward J., Klontz, Bradley T. Understanding and Dealing with Client Resistance to Change. (cover story), Journal of Financial Planning, 26, 27-31, 2013


  • Academy of Financial Services – Annual Meeting, Nashville, TN. The Effects of Financial Literacy on Retirement Preparedness Best Practice Behaviors. Horwitz & Seay, 2014
  • Erasmus University, Rotterdam, Holland - Understanding and Dealing with Client Resistance to Change., 2014
  • Financial Planning Association – Annual Meeting, Orlando, FL. Understanding and Dealing with Client Resistance to Change. Horwitz & Klontz, 2012
  • What is financial therapy? Discovering the mechanisms and aspects of an emerging field. Archuleta, K.L., Burr, E., Dale, A., Canale, A., Danford, D., Rasure, E., Nelson, J., Williams, K., Schindler, K, Coffman, B., & Horwitz, E. Presentation at the annual conference of the Financial Therapy Association, Columbia, MO. (Outstanding Paper Award), 2012

Research and Scholarship

Research and Scholarship Interests

  • Risk Management Financial Psychology Financial Literacy & Education Behavioral Change