International Business


Every element of today’s business world needs to be seen in an international context. Whether in manufacturing, retailing, investments, banking, or other financial services, competition takes place in a global environment. Even in settings where production of goods or services is aimed at the domestic market, firms must take account of their international competition.

Plan of Study

Students with International Business as a field of concentration will explore a broad range of material taken from the various business disciplines. They will focus on the international aspects of economics, finance, accounting, management, and marketing, without, however, going into any one of those areas in great depth. Instead, students will study all the business disciplines, gain expertise in a foreign language, experience a foreign country, and gain an understanding of international business in as many different aspects. A student can also use electives to develop more strength in one particular business discipline.

Field of Concentration Curriculum

ACC 538 International Accounting (3 credits)
ECO 538 International Economics (3 credits)
MGT 373 International Management (3 credits)
MKT 363 Global Marketing (3 credits)
FIN 558 International Financial Management (3 credits)
Three credits approved business electives (3 credits)
Six credits approved intermediate level language courses (6 credits)
Study abroad: Each student must experience study abroad, with a minimum of six credits of study overseas, preferably in a region of foreign language expertise of the student. Course work must include three hours of business, to be approved by the faculty advisor. (6+ credits)


Large and small companies search for employees who understand global business and can successfully operate in the international marketplace. As companies expand their business activities around the world, they seek people who combine the possession of solid business skills, expertise in solving global business problems, an awareness and understanding of different cultures, and?in some cases?a working ability in a second language.

Most careers in international business are with U.S. corporations that have international operations, though companies that are based overseas and have substantial U.S. operations also provide good prospects.  Career search should focus on: major accounting firms, export-import firms, major banks, consulting firms, energy companies (petroleum, mining, etc.), trade and professional firms.

The average starting salary for a 2012 Creighton graduate in International Business was $47,000.

Study in China

Join us for a once in a life-time opportunity to travel to Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Beijing, China over a two week period and learn about China in the context of business. China is an enormous emerging economic power and is playing a growingly significant role in the global business community which only appears to be growing even larger. We will meet together eight times before the trip to study Chinese culture, economics, and business in order to maximize your experience in China. The course focus is on China and doing business with/in China, with the intention of expanding your ability to think globally. The only way this can really happen is to go there – hence, this travel course. Course Title:  MIS 479/ITM789 China:  Hunting with Tigers and Dragons (can be taken for graduate or undergraduate credit) Professors:  Dr. Cindy Corritore, Dr. John Wingender and Dr. Beverly Kracher. Prereq:  Graduate or junior/senior undergraduate standing in the Heider College of Business, or consent of the department (contact

Study in the Dominican Republic

A select group of business students spends a semester studying in the Dominican Republic, experiencing firsthand the global interdependency of business and social relationships. In the Jesuit tradition, students learn to be responsible citizens and leaders in business and society, with an integrating vision of the world that includes a faith that promotes justice and service to others. They come away with appreciation for ethnic and cultural diversity, more critical thinking, and ethical perspectives for dealing with an increasingly complex world. Students stay at Creighton's Institute for Latin American Concern (ILAC), located just outside Santiago.

Study in Germany

An interesting summer opportunity exists for students wishing to enhance their international experience, as part of Creighton’s long-standing relationship with the Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt, in southern Germany. The Ingolstadt School of Management is offering its annual International Summer School program this year on the Ingolstadt campus July 7th – July 23rd and Creighton MBA students are welcome. The language of instruction is English and the 40 contact hours, from a selection of 2 out of 8 offered courses, will earn 3 hours of transferred elective credit. Ingolstadt will arrange for living accommodations and also provides social activities, plant tours, sporting events, and trips to other cites and regions in Bavaria. Visit the web site for further information (costs, courses, and accommodations) for this year’s "Markets & Management in Europe" summer program at Ingolstadt.