Business Intelligence and Analytics


This program is designed to combine the study of fundamental technical concepts of computer-based business information processing systems with a broad consideration of the organizational and behavioral issues associated with the design and management of such systems. The goal is to prepare students for careers in all areas of information management. In conjunction with a second major in another functional area of business, the program can be structured to provide a foundation for concentration in the management of specialized information resources.

Plan of Study

It includes course-work in computer applications and systems analysis and design. Majors also take elective courses from the Departments of Accounting, Mathematics, and Computer Science. In addition to technical courses in the major, students take courses in all areas of business. In addition, the program emphasizes business ethics and leadership. BIA majors generally take about half of their course work in Liberal Arts. In this way, the BIA graduate is prepared for life as well as a career.

Field of Concentration Curriculum

Business Analytics Track (19 Credits)
(All of the following:)
BIA 354 Data and Information Management 3 credits
BIA 375 Business Application Development 3 credits
BIA 459 Information Systems Analysis and Design 3 credits
BIA 479 Seminar in Decision and Information Technology :
Business Analytics 3 credits
BIA 499 Practicum in Business Intelligence and Analytics 1 credit
(Six credits from the following:)
BIA 484 Business Intelligence and Data Analytics 3 credits
BIA 485 Applications of Artificial Intelligence 3 credits
BIA 486 Managerial Decision Modeling 3 credits
ECO 418 Econometrics 3 credits
MKT 343 Marketing Research 3 credits
MTH 513 Pobability and Statistics in Health Sciences 3 credits

Information Technology Track (18 credits)
BIA 354 Data Base Management (3 credits)
BIA 375 Business Application Development (3 credits)
BIA 459 Information Systems Analysis and Design (3 credits)
BIA 470 Data Communications and Networks (3 credits)
Six credits approved Business Intelligence and Analytics (6 credits)

Data Media and Design Track (18 credits)
BIA 354 Data Base Management (3 credits)
BIA 375 Business Application Development (3 credits)
Three credits from the following (3 credits):
     BIA 459 Information Systems Analysis and Design (3 credits)
     BIA 470 Data Communications and Networks (3 credits)
Nine credits from the following (9 credits):
     CSC 551 Web Programming (3 credits)
     CSC 555 Computer Graphics (3 credits)
     GDE 381 Computer Illustration (3 credits)
     GDE 382 Web Design (3 credits)
     GDE 423 Multimedia Design I (3 credits)
     GDE 425 3D Graphics and Animation (3 credits)


Creighton's Business Intelligence and Analytics (BIA) graduates are generally employed in career tracks leading towards positions in systems analysis and design, programming, database administration, web specialist, network administration, and consulting.  Increased technology usage in business has caused an explosion in job opportunities for graduates.  The U.S. Department of Labor consistently lists information technology jobs among the top five fastest growing fields.

The average starting salary for a 2012 Creighton graduate in Business Intelligence and Analytics was $48,000.

Rickett's Center

The mission of the Rickett's Center is to promote Information Technology (IT) education and build bridges with the business community.  The Rickett's Center supports the undergraduate Business Intelligence and Analytics (BIA) program.

Graduate Studies in IT

Continue your study of information technology management through the  MS-ITM program at Creighton University.  This graduate-level program provides a creative synergy between technology and management. It is designed to meet the demands of the constantly evolving business-technology environment, and students learn to be responsible leaders who will shape how information technology drives business success. Technology touches every aspect of business, and Creighton grads with the MS-ITM degree are prepared to set the pace, bringing a values-centered perspective to the business world.