Ratio Studiorum

The name "Ratio Studiorum" emanates from a Jesuit "plan of studies" bearing the name "Ratio atque Institutio Studiorum Societatis Jesu", and was adopted in 1599 as a formal program for study at the university level. In an analogous manner, the program at Creighton will bring first year students to understand how the Academy works, how the curriculum functions to form them as young women and men, and how they can expect to grow and develop in the university setting. Unlike the rule-heavy Ratio Studiorum of the 16th Century, the Creighton Ratio focuses on the need for students to plan their curriculum, their career, leadership and a way of life that concentrates on ethical living, service to others, a search for truth and justice in public and personal life, and a search for the relationship with the Almighty. Informed choice is the goal, freedom and knowledge are the tools in this discernment, and faculty and professional staff are the guides. So, although we have taken the "rules" out of our Creighton Ratio Studiorum, we have replaced them with a "plan" for supporting students in academic, career, and personal advising.