Halo Institute

Our Philosophy

We believe the most critical ingredients to any successful enterprise are people, passion and rigor. Halo seeks the best and brightest entrepreneurs who have the ability, discipline, determination and passion to see their business idea to the end. This standard of excellence was inspired by the successful entrepreneurial heritage of John, James and Edward Creighton.

The Creighton brothers were Nebraska's first millionaire entrepreneurs. They developed Nebraska's first bank and laid the telegraph wires connecting the western half of the country, which in turn established Omaha as the telecommunications center of the United States. Their successes were grand and the legacies left behind continue to make a positive impact for generations to come.

Not only were they pioneers in Midwest innovation, the Creighton's were also pioneers in local philanthropy - they strongly believed in the concept that a strong community helps others and in the end the community is the winner. They founded Nebraska's first education center - Creighton College and the first hospital. These have subsequently become Creighton University and Creighton University Medical Center.

Core Values

  1. Do you want 100% of nothing or a little of a lot?
  2. It is more important what you say no to, rather than yes.
  3. Remember, it's a business, not a religion!
  4. No sacred cows!
  5. Let the numbers tell the story...
  6. Human ego is our greatest strength and weakness.
  7. There will be tremendous highs and devastating lows.
  8. There will be blood...