Anna Tyler Waite Leadership Program

The Heider College of Business at Creighton University is pleased to offer a four-year leadership development program open to all undergraduate Heider College of Business students; The Anna Tyler Waite Leadership Program. All undergraduates in the Heider College of Business who are interested in exploring and developing their own leadership potential are eligible and invited to join this program.

What is the Program?

The mission of Creighton University and the Heider College of Business is to educate and develop the future leaders of our society.  Our students are selected to attend Creighton because they have already shown real leadership potential.  Our mission is to develop this potential further by offering them opportunities to study leadership, practice leadership, and ultimately act as leaders.  To help meet this end, we offer the Anna Tyler Waite Leadership Program.

The Anna Tyler Waite Leadership Program is a four-year program that will offer undergraduate students in the College of Business the opportunity to study leadership and practice being leaders in the college setting.  Over the course of their four years at Creighton University, Anna Tyler Waite Leadership Program participants will participate in a series of extra-curricular activities that will explore the philosophies and actions of leaders in many circumstances.  These activities will offer a series of learning opportunities that will develop the values and skills needed to lead effectively in a socially responsible environment.

Who is Eligible?

All undergraduate business students are eligible to join the program.  There are no other eligibility requirements.  Participation in the program is entirely voluntary and you may withdraw from the program at any time.  If you choose to join the program, you will be asked to complete three or four assignments over the course of the school year. Upon successful completion of the first year's assignments, you will earn a Level One designation as an Anna Tyler Waite Leadership Scholar.  You will then be able to start the Level Two assignments in the next year and the Level Three and Four assignments in the following years.  Ultimately, we hope that all participants will start the leadership program in their freshman or sophomore years.  However, we invite juniors and seniors to join as well, if interested.

What are the Assignments Like?

The Anna Tyler Waite Leadership Program consists of a series of activities designed to help the students explore the nature of leadership in their college experiences.  These activities are spread over the four years of their undergraduate education and are extra-curricular.  While they may draw from courses taken by the participants, the activities are not part of the participant's graded course work.

The program will be divided into four stages designed to help participants think like leaders, act like leaders and finally be leaders.  The four stages are described by the terms Exposure, Learning, Practice, and Action.

What Do We Get When We Complete the Program?

Program participants who have completed the assignments for Levels One, Two, Three, and Four will be recognized each year as Anna Tyler Waite Leadership Scholars.  These students will be recognized by the University and by corporations that recruit at Creighton as students who have undertaken additional work to help develop their understanding of leadership and their leadership skills.  These students will receive a certificate of completion and will be honored at a Spring Recognition Banquet.  In addition, they will be able to note this achievement on their resumes.  Students who complete Level Four of the program will also wear an honorary symbol of their achievement during graduation ceremonies.

What Do I Do if I am Interested?

If you are interested in joining the Anna Tyler Waite Leadership Program or would like more information, please contact Dr. Todd Darnold, Director 'Anna Tyler Waite Leadership Program' at (402) 280-2887 or

Anna Tyler Waite Leadership Scholarships

As part of the Anna Tyler Waite Leadership Program, we offer $3,000 Leadership Scholarships to select students participating in the program during the academic year.  The leadership scholarships are based on a selection committee's evaluation of the significance and impact of an applicant's leadership positions.  To be eligible for a scholarship, a student must have completed Level One of the program, be an active participant in the program this year, and maintain their involvement throughout their career at Creighton.

Scholarship Recipients' 2011-12