Graduate Business Programs

Structure and Administration

Graduate programs at Creighton University are typically governed by a dual administrative structure. Each graduate program is usually housed in an academic department but also falls under the aegis of the Graduate School at Creighton, headed by the Dean of the Graduate School. Business graduate programs are no exception; we are one of the largest graduate programs at the university, and are part of the Graduate School at Creighton. Our primary home, however, is in the Heider College of Business. Because of our AACSB accreditation, separate from the University's Higher Learning Commission Accreditation, admissions, advising, and general administration of graduate business programs must be located in the Heider College of Business. The Dean of the Heider College of Business, Anthony Hendrickson, is ultimately the head of all business programs, graduate or undergraduate. The MS-BIA program is led by a director, Dr. Ravi Nath. The MSAPM is directed by Dr. Randy Jorgensen. The MBA program falls under the realm of Dr. Todd Darnold. Assistant Dean Gail Hafer manages the day to day operations of programs, assisted by Academic Advisor Merridy Larsen and Admission Assistant Tracy Bushman.

Graduate School and Graduate Program Functions

Creighton's Graduate School, in general, exists to promote high quality graduate studies and research at the University. Within the context of Creighton University as a Jesuit, Catholic University, the Graduate School at Creighton provides value-centered education that develops advanced mastery in a field of study. This purpose is certainly also true of graduate business programs in the Heider College of Business. Graduate business programs provide advanced education in the traditional functional core areas accounting, economics, finance, marketing, management and information technology, as well as focused high-level studies in leadership, finance, accounting, and information technology. The Heider College of Business, like the University, seeks to produce graduates who have the wisdom, judgment, knowledge and faith to advance business while working toward a better and more just society.