Bryan R. Johnson, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Marketing
Marketing and Management
Harper 4079
Phone: (402) 280-3387


Ph.D. Pennsylvania State University, Business Administration (Marketing)

Dissertation: “Social Capital in the Marketplace: The Implications of Using Social Relationships for Consumption Purposes” – William T. Ross, Jr. (Chair), Meg Meloy, Wenpin Tsai, and Barbara Gray

M.S. Brigham Young University, Sociology

Thesis: “The Context of Contact: White Attitudes Toward Interracial Marriage” – Cardell Jacobson (Chair), John Hoffmann, and Mikaela Dufur

B.S. Brigham Young University, Sociology: Research and Analysis, Summa Cum Laude    
Minor: Business Administration


Current Research Interests:

Social Relationships, Social Capital, Social Networks, Commercial Relationships, Sales, Marketing/Finance Interface


Peer Reviewed Publications:

Crawford, Steven, Bryan Johnson, and John Wingender (2015), "The Impact of Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Events on Firm Value," Forthcoming in Applied Economics Letters.

Johnson, Bryan and Matthew T. Seevers (2015), "Developing Interpersonal Influence in Retail Purchasing Networks: An Exploratory Analysis of Tie Quantity, Tie Strength, and Tie Type," Forthcoming in International Journal of Marketing Studies.

Johnson, Bryan R. and William T. Ross, Jr. (2014), "The Consequences of Consumers' Use of Pre-Existing Social Relationships to Make Purchases," Journal of Relationship Marketing, 13 (4), 207-242.

Jacobson, Cardell K. and Bryan R. Johnson (2006), "Interracial Friendship and African American Attitudes about Interracial Marriage," Journal of Black Studies, 36 (4), 570-584.

Johnson, Bryan R. and Cardell K. Jacobson (2005), "Contact in Context: An Examination of Social Settings on Whites' Attitudes Toward Interracial Marriage," Social Psychology Quarterly, 68 (4), 387-399.


Other Publications:

Johnson, Bryan R. and Cardell K. Jacobson (2008), "Contact in Context: Whites' Attitudes Toward Interracial Marriage," in Within the Social World: Essays in Social Psychology, Jeffrey C. Chin and Cardell K. Jacobson, Eds. New York, NY: Pearson/Allyn & Bacon Longman.

Current Teaching:

Consumer and Market Behavior

Advertising and Promotion